The history of  CSI Christ Munnar Church is unique. Its real history begins with a cemetery which is attached to it. Mrs. Eleanor Knight, the wife of H.M Knight, the General Manager of the Tea plantation was buried there in 1894. After the burial of Mrs. Knight, some other British were also buried there. Later on Knight donated that area as a place of burial. It was formally consecrated on April 15th 1900 on Easter Day by Rt. Rev. Noel Hodges.

munnar churchThe foundation stone of the church was laid on March 1910 by Sir. A. K. Muir. It was dedicated on Easter day April 16th in the year 1911 by Rev. W.F.B Hoysted, who was the chaplain at that time. The British handed over the church to CSI North Kerala Diocese when they left the High Range in the year 1981. Till then both the Indians and British worshipped in the same church at different times. Now it is the head quarters of CSI Munnar Church Pastorate which has nearly 1000 Tamil families and 18 outstation churches.


munnar churchMunnar Mount Carmel Church, the first Catholic Munnar Church in the high-ranges started functioning in 1898. Father Alphonse, the Spanish missionary, who started the mission work in 1898, continued his work up to his demise in 1916. His body was buried in the same church. Fr. Blasius, OCD, continued his mission work and his descendent Fr. Salustin, OCD, made the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. His contribution was the Mount Carmel Church, which was built in 1938 and which still exists.

Timings of holy mass
Sunday: 7.30 am, 9.30 am, 4.00 pm
Saturday: 7.30 am, 4.30 pm
Weekdays: 7.30 am


munnar churchSt. Thomas Mar Thoma Munnar Church,  is one of the important parishes of Kottayam-Kochi Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church. The history of the church in high range is closely linked with that of the tea industry in this district. The few early members of the Mar Thoma church, who came mostly as employees in the tea estates and in connection with setting of hydroelectric project, formed a prayer group. They later formed the High Range Mar Thoma Association. This association was accepted as the Mar Thoma Congregation and the congregation was formed as a parish in 1948. Church dedicated on 3rd April 1955. At present there are 50 families in the Munnar Church.

Parish has a Camp Centre with the church premises, providing following facilities

  • For holding of retreats, conferences & meeting
  • For staying as individuals, families or groups, etc.

This centre consists of 7 double rooms and one dormitory.

Timings of holy mass
Sunday: 9.30 am

Telephone : +91-4865-231101(res), +91-4865-230313


munnar churchSt. Mary’s Orthodox Munnar Church, under the Angamaly Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Church, stands on a hillside along the Kochi-Madurai national highway. The foundation stone for the church was laid by the Thumbamon Metropolitan His Grace Daniel Mar Pilixinos on 18th Ocober, 1953, under sanction from the then Catholicos His Holiness Baselius Geevarghese II Bava. The church was blessed and consecrated on 4th April, 1954. At present there are over 100 families in the parish. The annual feast of the parish known as ‘Kallitta Perunnal’, is celebrated on 26th January every year. The assumption of Mary – Mother of Christ, is also celebrated on 15th of every August.


Timings of services
Daily Morning Prayers: 8.00 am
Holy Mass (Sundays only): 9.00 am