Munnar Culture

Munnar Culture gets its name as the meeting point of three rivers. Similarely in Munnar we see the mixture of three cultures  the British culture, the Malayalee culture and the Munnar Culture of the migrant Tamilians. People who migrated from Tamil Nadu were hardworking but they belonged to the lower class and most of them were illiterate. Their only aim was earning their livelihood.

Munnar CultureThe history of Munnar Culture can be traced back to the 10th century. The people of this beautiful hill station are very simple and like to lead a peaceful lifestyle. They believe in their age-old traditions and transfer them to their generations as well. Like other destinations of the southern region of the country, the Munnar Culture is pure Hindu-based culture.  It is still greatly untouched by global modernization

In Munnar no poet was born. Munnar Culture did not give birth to any literary genius. Those who had college education were nominal. Only few people could read the newspaper. People are interested in music and other programmers broadcast through radio and TV.

The main entertainment of the people of Munnar is cinema. Nowadays the numbers of television viewers are on the increase. Lack of sufficient playgrounds affects the achievements in sports. There are many talented sportsmen but the lack of training and playgrounds is the reason for the absence of any notable achievement in this field. The major problems faced by Munnar are the lack of well arranged libraries, the lack of educational institutions, the lack of public parks and playgrounds.
Munnar CultureFor shopaholics, this destination is a heaven  whether tea or spices. You can collect various spices from here like ginger, Cardamom, Pepper, cinnamon, coffee, clove, nutmeg etc. Don’t miss the homemade chocolates here. Enjoy the white, dark, liqueur filled and chocolates with nuts. Munnar is blessed with lots of resorts and hotels, which will cater all your needs. Among these resorts you can also find affordable and cheap hotels munnar, which suits you the most. All these hotels and resorts will offer you various packages like Honeymoon packages Munnar , family packages etc and will help you to explore Munnar in a perfect way