National Adventure Foundation Munnar

National Adventure Foundation Munnar is made for thrilling adventure sports. It is the ideal place for mountaineering and trekking. Challenging peaks perpetually call lovers of adventure. Anamudi and Meesapulimala, the highest and second highest peaks respectively in Kerala, challenge those who love mountaineering. Munnar is again the ideal place for rock climbing. Trekking through thick woods can offer unending thrills.

National Adventure FoundationAll the above facilities in Munnar are made available by NAF (National Adventure Foundation) and TFA (Track Finder Adventures). Ballooning, the most fascinating adventure is also available here. Like a lonely cloud, one can float over high hills and lovely dales.




The National Adventure Foundation (NAF), was registered in 1979 under the Registration of Societies Act 1890, for promoting adventure amongst the youth of the country and building their personality & character by infusing in them the sense of discipline and national pride. National Adventure Foundation forms a valuable idea-bank on matters relating to the promotion of adventure sports in the country

 This National Adventure Foundation is governed by an Executive Council of six elected highly professional personalities along with three nominated members. The Vice President as its Chairman heads the Executive Council. The services of Col. Deepak Sehdev as the Honorary Director were made available to National Adventure Foundation in October 1994 by the Army Headquarters as a special case to manage its affairs. Since September 1996, the officer has been absorbed as the regular Director.National Adventure Foundation

It has a network of 10 Regional Chapters located in various State Capitals and about 800 Adventure Clubs spread throughout the Country to conduct these programmes. The Chapters and Adventure Clubs form the backbone of



National Adventure Foundation.


To expose the youth to nature, hardships and hazards, thereby, build their personality, character, confidence and courage through adventure programmes are the aims of National Adventure Foundation.

NAF Projects

The National Adventure Foundation is responsible for organising various adventure programmes for the students of Colleges/Universities affiliated to the UGC under their adventure scheme. The Foundation is also conducting one day week-end programmes for School Children; Self Defence programmes for young girls and middle aged women and selected adventure programmes for the handicapped School children on behalf of the Dept. of Youth Affairs & Sports, Ministry of Human Resource Development, and Govt. of India.National Adventure Foundation

In addition to the above, the NAF has been given the responsibility by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, New Delhi, to organise adventure activities for their senior students throughout the country under the KVS scheme. National Adventure Foundation is also organising certain adventure programmes for other citizens above the age of 15 years at concessional rates under their Citizen Scheme.


The National Adventure Foundation meets the total cost of boarding, lodging and training for each programme. It ensures professional competence, safety, adequate and proper logistics and also provides trained experts to conduct the adventure programmes/activities. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Grab it!!!

NAF Potential

The National Adventure Foundation holds large quantities of equipment & stores for organising various adventure activities like Camping, Rock Climbing, Trekking/Mountaineering and Micro Lite Flying. It also makes stores available for the above activities (less Micro Lite) to various affiliated Adventure Clubs/Organisations/Institutions or students on nominal charges in order to promote adventure amongst the youth of the country.

National Adventure FoundationBeing an apex body in the field of adventure, it provides consultancy services to the Dept. of Youth Affairs & Sports, University Grants Commission and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan in organising the adventure programmes throughout the country.



National Adventure Foundation providing Trekking, Mountaineering, exposure to wilderness including observing wild life and participating in other outdoor activities like cycling, rock climbing, snow skiing, aero sports (para sailing, para gliding, hang gliding, ballooning and micro lite), water sports (white water rafting, kayaking & canoeing and sea awareness).

Adventure Sports Offered:


Mountaineering is the art and science of climbing high mountains, which normally involves ascents and descents on rocks, snow and ice faces. A mountaineering expedition to any Himalayan peak is one of the most exciting adventure activities. It sponsors volunteer participants for training courses to be held in the following prestigious National Mountaineering Institutions:

  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling
  • Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi
  • Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering, Batote (J&K)

Two seats have been allotted per course in the first two institutions and eleven seats in the third. This is a chance of a lifetime to get the technical knowledge required for mountain climbing at a cost next to nothing.


Trekking is the art of living, travelling and surviving in the great outdoors – and being one with nature. You could trek in any terrain, mountain, desert or the jungle.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing deals with mastering the technique and experiencing the thrills of climbing on exposed rocks which may be from only a few meters high boulders to a few hundred meters high rock faces of different gradients. Rock Climbing is indeed the basics of sound Mountaineering.


Long distance cycling across the country (1000 kms or more) is a challenging and exciting adventure activity, which will bring you close to nature and the realities of life throughout the country. Cycling enables one to cover long distances. It is the only mechanical transport, which is pollution free.


Skiing is one of the most exciting sports known. It involves travelling on skis in snow. Under this programme you will be given training in skiing at most prestigious institutions of the country. You will learn the techniques of whizzing down steep slopes safely as well as the more complicated man oeuvres of the slalom, if you have aptitude!

White Water Rafting/Kayaking/Canoeing

Ever thought floating down the river could be fun? It is when you go through rapids and small water falls, fighting the waves, feeling the sheer exhilaration of coming up toppers with complete safety.

A more personal form of rafting is the kayak in which you are on a one to one basis with the water. Learn to make the Kayak/Canoe to respond to your every command enabling you to move about like an eel through the water. NAF conducts these sports down the Ganga, major rivers of the Northeast and Kaveri in the South. Ballooning thought that balloons were for birthday parties? You can get into one of the hot air variety and fly away!

Micro Lite Flying

National Adventure FoundationEver considered flying an aircraft!! That’s what power gliding is all about. You fly on the power of a small motor cycle engine, the wind and your own technical prowess (which ofcourse you will be taught at the NAF).

Para Sailing/Para Gliding

Get swept off your feet and float in the air! Have a jeep pull you in to the air for short exhilarating ride under a para sail before floating back to mother earth; or take off from a mountain top and land in the valley below on a para glider.


Hang Gliding/Powered Hang Gliding

All your life you wanted to be free as a bird to soar high up and watch the world get tinier and tinier. You can make this dream come true. Grab your own personal pair of “Wings” and fly away like an eagle.

National Adventure Foundation‘sSlogan
Adventure at your door steps, at low cost or no cost“.

National Adventure Foundation‘s Logo
Consists of heights within the heights, synonymous to mountain ranges & peaks. The green colour of triangles depict fresh and clean environment.