Tata Tea Munnar

Tata Tea‘s plantations in South India are located in the Western Ghats in the western part of the State of Kerala and adjoining part of the State of Tamil Nadu. The former, in Idukki District, Kerala, are usually  Tata Tea known as the Kanan Devan Hills of the High Range. tata teaThe other estates, in the Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, and one estate in the Trichur District, Kerala, form part of the Anamallais Tea plantation area.

The estates in the High Range are clustered around the town of Munnar (10º5’N 77º4’E), which is about 145km from Cochin. Situated mostly on the inner slopes of a basin-like plateau, these Tata Tea estates lie at elevations varying from about 1300m to 1900m above mean sea level. Munnar is at about 1500m. Some of the Tata Tea tea fields at 2100m are among the highest in the world. The highest peak in India, south of the Himalayas the Anaimudi (2695m) – is situated in the High Range.

The centre of the Anamallais estates is the town of Valparai (10º20’N 76º57’E) about 175km from Cochin. Although the two groups of estates are only 13km apart as the crow flies, the distance by road between Munnar and Valparai is 175km. The Tata Tea estates in the Anamallais generally occupy the ridges and upper slopes surrounding the Sholayar Dam, with elevations ranging from 940 to 1200m. Temperatures in the High Range seldom rise above 30ºC or drop below 0ºC. Being situated on the edge of the escarpment which faces the Arabian Sea, the annual rainfall varies from 130cm in Chittavurrai, the eastern-most estate, to 800cm in Kalaar at the western end, all within a distance of 26kmtata tea

More equable conditions prevail in the Anamallais. The weather is usually warmer and drier with temperatures ranging between 30ºC and 11ºC and 380cm of rainfall per annum. Four-fifths of the total annual precipitation occurs during the months of June-September. On the other hand, December-March is dry and sunny, with warm days and cool nights.