Attukal Waterfalls Munnar

A panorama of Waterfalls and rolling hills, attukal waterfalls  located between Munnar and Pallivasal, is a feast for the eyes. The place is also ideal for long treks. These waterfalls cool down one’s mind and provide a soothing experience to puzzled or bewildered minds.

Attukal waterfallsAttukal waterfalls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Munnar, ideal for trekking and picnics. The place is so beautiful that it attracts a large number of tourists every year to enjoy the sight of panoramic waterfall and rolling hills. Located between Munnar and Pallivasal in the Idukki District, Attukal Waterfall is a feast for the eyes in true sense. This captivating attraction is surrounded by dark jungle and lush green terrains, reachable only through wooden bridge.

Attukal waterfalls is one of Beautiful waterfalls in Munnar throughout your journey from one place to other. good place for photo clicking  for crazy people.  There is a steep climb by the side of the falls which are open to explorers. Others can sit on the rocks, get some tea from the shack there and enjoy the natural beauty.

Attukal waterfallsThe road to this waterfall has a few hairpin curves, but a very nice spot to spend some time. Grab a cup of tea or some hot Maggie or Omelette and Bread from the tea shop at the falls and enjoy the beauty.

The falls are beautiful to look at. But there is no way to approach the waters. Unless one jumps the fence and becomes adventurous on the slippery stones, the water is inaccessible. If you’re only looking at taking some pics then go for it. The approach roads are narrow and quite difficult to man oeuvre too.

A lone local wooden tea shop at the end of the bridge adds its own charm to the surroundings. Except me and my hubby there were no tourists at all. Surrounding was very peaceful and calm. Sound of the water fall was the only one we could hear. tourist can take a cup of tea from the lonely shop and sat on one of the rocks just watching the majestic water flowing. That was just so romantic and it just took you into a whole different world.

Attukal waterfallsTravel can be blase when everything related to it falls in place . If we know the exact distance from the source to the destination, when we know how much time it would take for us to travel that distance, the navigation is precise and fuel tank is full, would the journey not become a smoother affair?   The convenience of learning about the distance between Munnar to attukal waterfalls Road is very helpful while traveling, which is, 9 kilometer from munnar .