Cheyappara waterfalls

The Cheyappara waterfalls and Valara waterfalls are situated between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi – Madurai highway. The Cheyappara Falls cascades down in seven steps. It is a actual feast for the eyes. This is also a huge place for trekking. Valara waterfalls are 10 km from Adimali on the Kochi – Madurai highway. Valara has a chain of waterfalls bordered by thick green forests

Cheyappara waterfallsCheyappara Waterfalls is a famous destination of tourists visiting Munnar. Munnar, known as Swiss of South India, has a varying terrestrial terrain that consists of water cascades, rolling hills, verdant valleys, dense forests and tea, coffee and spice plantations.
This waterfall is on the way to Munnar and its a must watch when you pass by. It will be very good to view this all day. You don’t have much options for activities other than watching the beauty of this waterfall or having some snacks from the nearby shops.

Cheyappara Waterfalls is considered among the best waterfalls in the  God’s own country. The falls runs down from a rocky slope in seven steps. The waterfalls gain its beauty during and after monsoon months of June, July and August and it becomes impossible to reach the bottom of the falls. The water of Cheyappara Waterfalls does not dry up even in summer months.

Cheyappara waterfallsIt’s a good waterfalls to visit in Munnar. The road is good and the misty atmosphere makes your day. You are sure to want to visit this place again and again.It is a little away from the city, but you will not regret travelling once you see the waterfall. The Cheyappara Waterfall cascades down in seven steps. It is a real feast for the eyes. This is also a great place for trekking.

The Cheyappara waterfalls was gushing at capacity and was a quite a sight. The place was buzzing with tons of tourists vying for a spot to take pictures in front of the falls. There were cars parked all over the road by tourists taking pictures. Would recommend taking in the sight by slowly driving through.