Eravikulam national park  Munnar

Eravikulam national park is 17kms away from Munnar. The rarest variety of Nilgiri Tahrs (Mountain goats) are seen here in plenty. What is special about here is that tourists can walk over very steep rocks. Some rocks have even 90o slope which is really fascinating. The calm lake at the top among greenish misty hilly tract is enchanting.

eravikulam national parkEravikulam National Park , the second prominent National Park.  This park covers an area of 97sq. km of rolling grassland and rocky peaks. Anamudi, the highest rock peak in Kerala(2694 mts) lies in the Eravikulam National Park and this breathtaking beautiful peak and other hills create an atmosphere of the Alps.


Eravikulam national park is one of the natures most blessed parts.  you wonder whether any animal would come out for you to take a glimpse. by visiting  tourist are just follow the ecosystems here. There should be strict protocol for tourist do not touch any animals while visiting the park.

This is  not a fenced park it is open area of shola forest . the place is Rajamala and anamudi joining shola area. The park was originally meant to protect the Nilgiri Tahr, the endangered species of mountain goats.

eravikulam national parkLong queues will be there on weekends. you can also book tickets online. But only 48hrs prior.From the base station safari buses take tourist through the winding roads and leave you at top.

The Eravikulam national park journey itself is enchanting.tourist have to walk by foot for around 2 km. tourist can enjoy the walk through the mist. there is a small museum and a cafeteria where bus leaves the visitors. Off season of munnar to go here if you really want to enjoy the place peacefully Better not miss this place while visiting in Munnar. Eravikulam national park is one of the Best attractions of Munnar. Surely a must visit forest sanctuary to see rare birds and animals.