Nyamakad waterfalls

Men may come and men may go but beauty of nature with its irresistible charm goes on for ever. Nyamakad waterfalls is another paradise nature offers through its waterfalls. Nyamakad waterfalls is a land of breathtaking waterfalls. The water cascade down a hill from a height of about 1600 metres. The enchanting surroundings make an excellent picnic spot and Trekking points.

Nyamakad waterfallsNyamakad waterfalls with the distance of 10kms from Munnar and in between Munnar and Rajamala. The place is ideal for both peace and adventure lovers since they can either walk around and soak in the beauty of the surroundings or enjoy trekking. The Nyayamakad gap provides excellent views of the Munnar valley. You can also come across some tea pickers at work.

Nyamakad waterfalls Visitors can enjoy a great time here filled with numerous photographic opportunities, stroll around and explore the surroundings, marvel at the sheer might of the waterfall and view the distant tea estates. The site is very peaceful and free of irritants.  Visitors can enjoy a peaceful mountain walk, stop along the way to take photographs and simply soak up the scenery.  You will mostly be under the cloudy sky of Munnar.  Simply soak up the lovely weather and let the fresh mountain air soothe your senses.

Nyamakad waterfallsTrekking to a portion of the upper levels of the falls is conceivable through rock climbing however it’s minimal dangerous in Monsoons. Best time to visit Nyayamakad Waterfalls is post storm season amongst October and December. Trekking here is quite interesting. The cool refreshing air touches  deep inside you within no time. Dont miss the chance to explore this natural paradise of Idukki district. On the way you will be lost at its verdant greenery and can have some pretty sights of local women nipping the tea buds.

The Nyamakad waterfalls  is also a ‘Gravel Banks’, where you can try trout fishing.Fishing lovers will be excited about the fishing experience in the lake, trout fishing can be done in this lake. The tourists who visit for the first time obviously will not be aware of all these factors.