Pallivasal  Munnar

Pallivasal  is about 8 km away from Munnar . it is a small hilly village. There are several scenic spots on the slopes of here. The hills here are ideal for short treks. The place is also home to the first hydro-electric project in the State. The 37.50-MW power station is situated in a scenic landscape which travelers can visit with the permission of station authorities.

pallivasalThis is the  First Hydroelectric project in Kerala and a place of immense scenic beauty. It can be seen as a contrast between man’s achievements and the incomparable loveliness of nature. Also you can enjoy the way to pallivasal  very beautiful  attraction  Chithirapuram  the beauty of panoramic view of nature.

There is a beautiful waterfall  Falls . Surrounded by luxuriant flora, this waterfall serves as a perfect place for picnicking with your loved ones. Peace seekers can spend moments of repose amid the serene environs of the waterfall.
One can enjoy a quiet walk along the well-maintained roads or simply marvel at the mist covered mountains and lush Tea plantations that are close to Pallivasal waterfall. This place is certainly worth visiting while on a Munnar waterfalls.

pallivasal-1To get a clear view of the water fall tourist have to drive down the mud & rock covered road and by the end of the road so you can see Pallivasal Falls clearly. The water flows down through the forest like thick foam from the mountain during rainy season and during the summer season the waterfall is like a thin stream. Occasional fog, adventurous drive, view of forest and the mountain on all sides and the pleasant climate made the visit more enjoyable. Pallivasal waterfalls very beautiful falls in the admits of jungle on the way to Munnar. nice place to relax and take some memorable pictures. the road side vendors sell the most amazing coconuts. Each one filled with at least a liter of water and most tender coconut you have ever eaten. they are a bit pricey.