Peermede beautiful eye caching tea plantations

Peermede provide beautiful eye caching Wide vistas of tea plantation, Cardamom, rubber and coffee plantations interspersed with silver cascades, sculptural rocks, meadows and
mist-cloaked hilltops make here an unforgettable experience. The summer palace of Rajas of erstwhile Travancore is today an important monument here.The summer residence, now converted into a government guest house under the Department of Tourism, offers comfortable accommodation. Peermede and its surroundings are suitable for trekking, cycling and horse riding. Kuttikanam a place for adventure tourism and trekking is just 3 km from Peermede.


Another attraction here is Thrissanku Hills, about 4 km away. The rolling hills, the lovely landscape and the gentle breeze make this a choice spot for long walks. The hills offer a breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset.A destination perfect for long walks and mindless strolling, Thrissanku Hills are located just 4 km from Peermede. Misty hills, splendid views and lovely breeze give this place a new charm. The view of sunset and sunrise from this hill is simply spellbinding.

Other Attractions at Permede

Pattumala Located 17 km from Peermede, Pattumala comprises of several attractions including rolling peaks, beautiful tea gardens and small streams. The place houses two tea gardens namely AV Thomas and Co. and Harrisons Malayalam.  Pattumala is also adorned with a church made completely out of granite, Velamkanni Matha Church lying on the top of the hill. An enchanting sight of flower garden is the show stopper of the place.
Taking a nature walk while being at Peermede is perhaps the greatest joy for Eco tourist. Pervading Plantation area of tea, coffee, rubber, cardamom and eucalyptus along with series of pine trees make together a very beautiful path for taking a nature walk. Walking through such rich natural ambiance is worth pleasing any sullen heart.

PeermedeMore Peermede provides waterfalls amidst so rich greenery and natural charm is another joy of one’s Eco tour. Waterfalls like Meloram, Nallathanni, Panchalimedu and Valanjamkanam have fascinating appeal to nature enthusiasts. Besides, if one is planning to avail the world famous Kerala ayurvedic and rejuvenation treatment, the renowned Sahyadri Ayurvedic Centre is there to purgate one’s body, mind and soul.