Rose Garden Munnar

Rose Garden Munnar is a popular destination. the garden located the way to Mattuppetty road which is about 2 kilometers  away from Munnar. here different varieties of roses and flowering plants can be found. Rose Garden Munnar, besides being a feast to the eye, also is a place for bird watching and trekking. Different varieties of birds can be spotted here. Since it’s along the way to many other attractions in Munnar, it is easily accessible without taking a lot of time from your itinerary. If you are on a short trip and is in a hurry to see as much as you can, then you can quickly run through the entire garden in less than 30 minutes.

Rose Garden MunnarYou may just need to push some true nature lovers aside who are adoring the beautiful flowers all along the narrow paths throughout the garden to make your way. If you are in Munnar to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, you can spend 1 to 2 hours relaxing in the garden.

KFDC Munnar Floriculture Centre, popularly known as Rose Garden Munnar, is a beautiful garden with hundreds of rare varieties of flowers and herbal plants. With large tea plantations in the background, this is place is definitely worth a visit for everyone who enjoy flowers. Rose Garden Munnar is quite smaller but nicely landscaped garden. Various varieties of flowers including roses can be seen here. Nice spot for photography lovers too ! You can see some excellent views of hill behind. Don’t forget to enjoy coffee or ice cream in the garden.

Rose Garden Munnar tips

Rose Garden MunnarA very well organised garden with lot of beautiful roses very good location to take pictures and flower lovers but very tricky to park there and need patience to manage through people pushing in the queues. If you are true plants lover then visit that place. They have good varities of roses and different kind of plants but it was nothing very great.


The entry fee is a decent Rs.20 with charges for still camera/mobile camera being another Rs.20, whereas if you opt for videography using a professional DSLR camera you will have to shell out a whooping Rs.500.