Thoovanam Waterfalls

Thoovanam waterfalls is located inside Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary  The river Pambar flows eastwards through the sanctuary and forms the waterfalls. The enormous waterfall on the Chinnar River, with its breathtaking silvery cascade is a Major tourist attraction in Munnar.

Thoovanam waterfallsThoovanam waterfalls visit is a part of Chinnar experience, which includes sighting elephants, langurs and many other animals. If you are lucky, you may even get near to a Giant Grizzled Squirrel, a rare animal for which Chinnar is famous for. For the nature enthusiast, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a choice of jungle trekking as well.

The falls  is located at a distance of approximate 60 Kms from Munnar . The route will be like Munnar – Marayoor – Chinnar. Due to the ghat roads, it will take more time to reach here. So the entire day will be needing  for this trip. The waterfalls is wonderful  through the hearts of Sahyas with lovely hearts . Blessed nature was flourished after a heavy monsoon and with a fresh greenery, it is a great experience to you eyes.

Thoovanam Waterfalls Travel Tips

thoovanam-waterfallsThoovanam waterfalls  is one of the best Waterfalls around Munnar, situated within Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourist  needs to trek inside the sanctuary to reach the falls. However, one you can get superb bird’s eye view of the majestic fall from the Marayoor Road. The falls looks majestic during the monsoon seasons as June to November is best.

The fall is very awesome and glory of mother nature is special and lovely indeed come and be inspired by nature.Do not keep any other sightseeing for the day if you want to completely enjoy this fall. Try and avoid visiting during any Indian public holidays then it will be very busy. Please confirm,  Get the permission from KFDC -Forest department and how much You have to pay per head for this trip.

There are facilities to accommodate four people near the Thoovanam waterfalls. The rates are at Rs. 2000 for two people a day, and Rs. 500 for every extra member.For booking – Phone number. 04865-231587, 8301024187