Top Station Munnar

The view of the beauty of Tamilnadu and kerala on the eastern side and the sight towards the Arabian Sea on the western side is really striking. The best climate to visit these rocky mountains is preferably by the middle of February to May . The renowned Neelakurinji Flowers  blossom once in 12 years only Top Station Munnar is famous for the flower.

Top Station Munnar The Name from Top Station Munnar uppermost railway station located in the Kundala Valley. At this highest point, you may feel that the clouds are just a hand touch away from you. Top Station Munnar is popular for many reasons, however, the famous Neelakurinji flowers (Strobilanthus), which bloom once in twelve years, makes this place special among tourists. The bloom of these rare flowers will give the destination a different bluish look. The next flowering season of Neelakurinji is on 2018.

Other things that make this a place worth visiting are its amazing Tea Plantation, Serene valleys, enchanting Waterfalls, and exotic forest life. More visit official government site District Tourism Promotion Councils (DTPC)

Top Station Munnar Travelers Tips

Top Station Munnar This is a must see place on a visit to Munnar. Top station is quite a trek, but well worth for you, since you get picturesque view of hills on 3 sides. It is not advisable to visit this place at dusk, since getting up the wooden, non uniform and steep open stairs can be quite a challenge. we would recommend to stop by a “tea picker” village. you may  had the chance to see wild elephants on the way of Top Station Munnar .

You can catch a beautiful sight of the clouds hovering on top of the lake or over the tea garden, one must get up early in the morning and see how beautiful the nature looks, when left untouched and uninterrupted. The best time to visit Top Station Munnar  is  February to May and the best way to come here  through a bus or cab, which can be booked directly from Munnar Town .